Stefan Gunnarsson, is an organizational consultant specialized on implementing a development culture and feedback culture for increased wellbeing and performance. 

Stefan is a workshop leader, speaker, facilitator specialist on feedback training, group development, leadership training and conflict management. Stefan is also a researcher and run workshops in getting multi culture groups in to high performance with a model for working with culture, group development and feedback.

Stefan has educated over 30 000 leaders and employees in feedback and is also the writer of the book Professional Feedback: Stefans workshops,talks and the book Professional Feedback are available in both English and Swedish.

Clients are banks, insurance companies, health care, non profit organizations, industrial companies, universities, unions and governmental organizations etc.

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Stefans poem "Forgive me!" has has been translated to over 28 languages, se translations.


Workshop teams  Stefan

# Master of Science in Gestalt in organizations (organizational psychology)

# Researcher in how to use feedback in multi culture groups to facilitate group development

# 20 years experience as an organizational consultant & process leader

# Trained over 35 000 in how to give and ask for feedback

# 23 years experience of being a leader/manager# Entrepreneur - Co-founded several consultant companies

# Works both in English and Swedish

# Author of the awarded book Professional Feedback that is now out in the 4:th edition

# Likes paragliding, sailing, scuba diving, riding the motorbike, write poetry and traveling


1 - Lack of feedback from managers / colleagues

2 - Want’s to provide feedback but can not / do not know how

3 - Management get low marks in surveys - showing lack of feedback

4 - Group lacks a common knowledge, and has no collective agreement to use feedback

5 - Lack of knowledge about cultural differences inhibit feedback and hinders group development

6 - Missing an developmental feedback culture

7 - Need to do team building and building a better relationship depth

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